WGT RT LED Signal Wrap

These bright LED wraps provide improved visibility when signaling.  They require No dis-assembly of the mirror housing Nor any drilling of the mirror housing.  Simply remove the mirror assembly from your RT and follow the included instructions.  Absolutely NO tools required, only your two hands.  Kit includes all components you need to apply and connect the LED wrap on your mirrors. 
Please review the pictures in the gallary below before ordering as these LED indicator wraps are mounted on the outside of the mirror housing, some people (like my significant other) may not like the look of the visible circuits on the LED strips.  I personally like the visible high tech look (my significant other also now thinks they look great!). 
The LED light strips flash with your turn signals giving improved viability to other drivers and lets you know your turn signals are activated.   Please review the Video Page .

Follow included instructions to ensure proper adhesion of the wrap.
These LED mirror wraps will fit on Spyder RT, RTS, and RTL models.
Package includes:
2 High Quality weather proof  IP66 UL listed LED strips with connectors pre-installed
2 Alcohol wipes
1 Packet of adhesive primer
2 Applicators for primer
2 Latex gloves
Printed installation instructions
$89.95 Free Shipping to U.S.
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