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Can-Am Spyder RT LED Wrap

  1. Spyder WGT RT LED Signal Wrap
    Spyder WGT RT LED Signal Wrap
  2. Placing the WGT Spyder LED Mirror Wrap
    Placing the WGT Spyder LED Mirror Wrap
  3. Spyder WGT LED Signal Wrap Installed
    Spyder WGT LED Signal Wrap Installed


WGT RT LED Wrap Advantanges

If you are like me you love your Can-Am Spyder RT, but like me, you found it hard to see the flashing turn indicator on the dash of the RT.  So I had to always really focus on the dash to see if the turn signals actually shut off after a turn, this of course took my focus off of the road.  So I decided to come up with a way of putting LED indicators on the mirror that did not require me to dis-assemble or drill into the actual mirror housing.  After trying several different combinations I came up with the WGT RT LED Wrap.  It is applied on the outside of the mirror housing which allows me to know if the blinkers are on or off.  But, it also provided improved turn visibility to other motorists.  The system is easy to install NO TOOLS required, plug and play design.  Goto the instructions page to download the complete installation instructions.  On some vehicles it causes the turn signal to flash about twice as fast as normal, this can be programed out on 2014 and newer RT models.  However on older models like mine, I enjoy the quicker turn flashing speed.
  • Improved Visibility to other drivers
  • Improved Notification of active signals
  • No Disassembly of Mirror Housing
  • No Drilling of Mirror Housing
  • NEW! No Tools Required to Install!  Wiring is now PLUG AND PLAY
  • All Components for install Included in Package
  • Package Cost is $89.95 with free shipping
Package Includes:
  • 2 High Quality weather proof IP66 UL Listed LED Strips with connectors pre-installed
  • 2 Alcohol Wipes
  • 1 Packet of adhesive primer
  • 2 Applicators for primer
  • 2 Latex gloves
  • Illustrated Instructions

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"Great item.  Very bright.  A must have!"  R.H. Texas
"Great price, seller took care in packing item.  Fast shipping"  J.S. South Carolina
"Great product, easy to install and very bright!  Thanks!  D.M. Kentucky

LED Signal Wrap on Mirrors
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